Supporting Balance
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BALANCE provides an online monthly support group for those living with chronic pain and their loved ones. Supporting Balance is scheduled on the 2nd Friday of the month at 11:00 am and is offered free of charge. 

Please contact BALANCE at 910.232.5778 or if you are interested in attending.

Since chronic pain and/or illness affects both our minds and bodies, BALANCE provides treatment groups to address the interconnection between emotions and health. Feeling Balance is a 5-week group treatment program that meets twice a week. Feeling Balance assists in the exploration and resoluation of emotional influences on chronic pain and/or illness.

Feeling Balance is scheduled twice during the year (April/May and August/September). The cost of $250.00 covers 10 sessions included in the 5-week program. Please contact BALANCE at 910.232.5778 or if you are interested in attending.

Mindful Balance is a 6-week psychoeducational group that meets once a week. Mindful Balance discusses physical, psychological, and social aspects of living with chronic pain as well as management strategies.
Group topics include:
  • Mechanism of pain
  • Pain narrative
  • Treatment approaches
  • Mindfulness
  • Quality of life
Mindful Balance is scheduled three times during the year (February/March, June/July, and October/November). The cost of $150.00 covers 6 sessions. Please contact BALANCE at 910.232.5778 or if you are interested in attending.

Once a week, BALANCE organizes a river walk/roll on the boardwalk bordering the Cape Fear River in downtown Wilmington. Dynamic Balance is an opportunity to increase movement, activity, and social connnections. Participants may use Dynamic Balance as a moving support group, social outing, mild form of exercise, or meditative time for reflection.

Dynamic Balance is an out-and-back walk/roll along the boardwalk that starts behind the Hilton hotel (on-street and deck parking available across the street). Dynamic Balance is open to all who are interested and is free of charge.

Please contact Balance for days and times for scheduled walks/rolls, and check Balance's Facebook page at to verify the schedule for Dynamic Balance in the event of inclement weather and/or holidays.

Social support impacts our health and well-being more profoundly than we often realize. Opportunities for connection and sense of community through 
group learning, sharing, and recreation are available with BALANCE.
Mindful Balance
Feeling Balance
Dynamic Balance