Services offered by BALANCE are designed to integrate the whole person: body, mind, and environment. BALANCE values collaboration, self-determination, and the body and mind's infinite capacities for healing.

Most of the healthcare that we are used to is divided into specialty practice areas that focus on aspects or pieces of our beings. The result for people being treated in this divided specialty system is a feeling of disjointedness and disconnection.

In contrast, BALANCE sees people as multi-dimensional beings and treats health as a complex interaction of physical, psychological, and social factors.

BALANCE interprets physical and psychological conditions as products of the interaction between mind and body. Since many people come to dissociate from their bodies when experiencing pain, disease, and/or injury, BALANCE invites the mind and body to address wellness collaboratively.

Sarah Brownlee, LCSW, LMBT is a licensed psychotherapist,  licensed and board certified massage therapist, and certified medical qigong practitioner who has been practicing since 2000. Her holistic perspective regarding health and well-being creates an atmosphere of healing and recovery that supports the entire person, rather than simply focusing on isolated symptoms or localized pain sensations.

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