At some point in our lives, we all experience pain or illness. So, what happens when pain or illness becomes a defining point in our lives? We may not do the things we used to do, we may not feel like ourselves, we may not live our lives the way we thought we would. 

BALANCE Integrative Care, PLLC, recognizes how broadly and deeply pain or illness may affect our lives. Of course, BALANCE cannot promise a life free of all pain or illness; our services support people to manage or cope with pain or illness in a way that allows them to live their lives more fully.

BALANCE Integrative Care, PLLC is a unique integrative counseling practice that offers support in managing acute and chronic pain, long-term health concerns, and emotional/psychological symptoms that frequently accompany prolonged experiences of illness and pain. 

BALANCE provides various modalities of care to address physical and emotional/psychological aspects of illness and pain. The use of integrative approaches (counseling consultations, orthopedic massage, medical qigong) is designed to impact the experience of living with illness or pain.

Services offered by BALANCE facilitate and bolster a sense of confidence in self-care. Experiences with BALANCE assist in learning to take back the control that illness and pain may have in daily life.
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Illness and Pain Management through Mind and Body 

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